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283 Coffee
ADD:No.283, Yuchi St., Yuchi Township, Nantou County 555, Taiwan

283 coffee shop is a simple shop but people live nearby love to go there
and get a cup of drink.
My friend, the shopkeeper of Skyfish Cheese Cake, love to have
Black tea with milk.
Auntie Skyfish love to get a cup of coffee.
It is also a shop that I will come everytime I come to Yuchi.

It sells coffee, tea and pancake.
Snack or drinks will be prepared after your order.

The coffee machine is used to make both coffee and tea.

The coffee bean grinder is not only use to grind the coffee beans,
but also grind the tea leaves into very small pieces.

Grinding the tea leaves is not an easy work.
You need to make them into small pieces instead of powder
so that the flavor of tea can be reserved.

That's the reason why I love to buy drinks here,
it taste really different then the other tea shops.


If you like a cup of lemonade,
you can choose to add fresh lemon juice or the lemon slices.
As for me, I prefer the lemon slices.
I believe whatever you choose. It will not disappoints you.

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