【Travel Note】∥Dadu Dist., Taichung, Taiwan∥



【Spot】∥Dadu, Taiwan∥ The Great Wall Hiking Trail
Walk up the stairs, hike and sweat. 
Take your time, breath the fresh air, 
and enjoy the nice view at the view point.

【Spot】∥Dadu, Taiwan∥ Route Blue ~ Beautiful Night View

Route Blue is a new night view spot in Dadu these years.
Though the traffic is not very heavy here, vehicles pass with high speed.
Please be aware of your safety. 

【Food】∥Dadu, Taiwan∥ The Taiwanese Meatball
The Taiwanese Meatball is a famous local food of Taiwan. 
We call it "Bah Wan". A bowl of Taiwanese Meatball and a bowl of soup.
You don't need to spend much to have a meal.

【Food】∥Dadu, Taiwan∥ Deryi Tofu Pudding
Tofu Pudding is a popular snack in Taiwan.
 It is made from soybean and it taste soft and slippery.
We call it " Douhua". It's a very traditional and delicious snack.

【Food】∥Dadu, Taiwan∥ Chou-A-Ji Fried Crispy Tofu
Fried Crispy Tofu is another famous local food of Taiwan.
We eat it for dinner or night snack most of the time.
Chou-A-Ji Fried Crispy Tofu is a well known Deli Stand in Dadu.
Fried Crispy Tofu is the main item and they also have some hot soup.
You can enjoy a delicious local meal within NT$100.
It's really great, isn't it.