【Spot】∥Tainan, Taiwan∥Yingxi Lake Park

Yingxi Lake
ADD:Sec. 1, Huandong Rd., Xinshi Dist., Tainan City 744, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

Yingxi Lake is built to solve the flood damage of the low-laying area of Xinshi District
"Ying" means "face" and the word "xi" means "sun light",
The lake face to the east, and also face to the sun glory.
People believe that it stands for rising and hope.

Walkway, cycle path and public art are around the lake.
There are not many tourist here. You can enjoy a wonderful time here.

The frame art work.

The rocking horse art work.

Local citizens also like to walk their dogs here.

The "Yellow Ribbon" is the biggest and the representative work of the park.

Sitting on the bench under the willow tree and face to the lake,
Feel the gentle breeze, enjoy the scenery.

Electricity of Love
Love is like a high-frequency circuit. With shapes of "eramic capacitors and color
codes of esistors,"electricity of love is constituted, which symbolizes the strong flow
of love.

A Monumental Book(photo from the minister of culture)

Books in Chinese traditional method was made from bamboos and
replaced by papers. They all show much important messages of
culture knowledge and history no matter what the material is.
Southern Taiwan Science Park has many intelligent, high tech companies;
we believe every workers and employees deserves an open space
to share their stories and experiences. If we take Southern Science Park
as a monumental book, in one hand every person sitting on the work
should be an individual word of this book, and this work also shows
us a wide, accessibility space to have heart to heart conversations
and letting ourselves connect the whole world, and finally complete
a monumental book.

Animal art work

Blossoms in the Sunlight
This work, blossoms in the Sunlight, will include three lovely flowers blooming by
the Yingxi Lake. The color on parts of the flower petals exposed to the sun will change
as the temperature varies.

This is not Ducks on the seesaw, it's All Aboard 
A flock of mallards symbolizes a life filled with love and belonging;either a family 
member or a peer can always provide trust reliance. On another side is a lonely 
duck that seems to be looking around for a place to belong to and longs for 
a friend to spend life with or just somebody to talk to, hoping for 
constant bliss and hope.

I'm thinking of the "Mother Tree" in the Avatar movie when I see this art work.

Scan the QR Code on the tree will show the basic information in Traditional Chinese.

Fly Nan
As a native dog in the south which gallops on the grasslands,
he guards all the friends whom live here. It means the
nickname: "Little South" by pronouncing in Japanese(Nan-jian);
The interpretation of  the word in Chinese means a brave
warrior in the South Taiwan. Wings of Nan are the symbol
of freedom. Nan-jian looked forward that work hard with
friends, starting from the southern Taiwan and to the
whole world; He also hopes  to accompany friends to spend
leisure time, and cheer for Taiwan's future!

What a nice area for picnicking, playing and running.

Yingxi Lake Park, a nice place to taking a walk,
ride a bike, walk a dog, spend your time with the fine art works.

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