【Food&Shop】∥Taipei, Taiwan∥Revolution Now~Fashion, Cafe, Live Music

Revolution Now 

ADD:No 62, Lane 187, Sec 1, Dunhua S Rd, Taipei 


Opening Hour:Sun~Thurs 15:00~23:00 
                             Fri. Sat. 15:00~24:00 

Official Website:www.REV-NOW.com
Traditional Chinese Official Website:www.revolutionnow.com.tw 


Revolution Now, a fashion brand from New York, 

starts their business at Taipei in the winter of 2014. 

It is not only a fashion shop which sells men's wear, pet's clothes, Vinyal Records 

but also a cafe shop with live music performance.

You can choose the Out Door Garden or Indoor seats. 

Don't miss the indoor sofa, it is really soft and confortable. 

You are welcome here for shopping or just order drinks and snacks, 

listen to the Vinyl Records, the Live Music to enjoy your happy hour here.

The banana cream crispy cake has fresh banana covered with chocolate is my favorite. 

The German Cheese Tart is also highly recommended.

Clothes here are good quality with fair price. 

Pet clothes is NT$ 750 or NT$1,050 according to the texture. 

Some men's wear are suitable for ladies. 

The knit hat is NT$1,050, the knit wear is NT$1,800. 

A discount of 10%off is provided to the members.

Welcome to visit this cool place when you come to Taiwan.

Traditional Chinese Introduction for Details @ Happy Turtle Maison: http://ppt.cc/lnUv